Door and video entry systems are now no longer the preserve of large organisations and big businesses. Small businesses are also seeing the Health and Safety benefits of such systems.
As part of their duty to provide a safe working environment business owners should be looking at ways to control access to staff only areas during working hours. This is especially true for businesses that attract walk-in custom; as footfall increases so security decreases. Door entry systems are an effective, practical and cost efficient method of controlling employee security
The most widely used door and video entry systems use passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems. This works by using personal identity cards issued to each member of staff and authorised personnel to control access to whole buildings, or specific areas and offices. The card is usually placed on or near a card “reader” to verify authorised entry into a facility.
Access points are unlocked using smart, networked digital devices allowing higher levels of security and the monitoring of entire facilities. Furthermore, the movement of all visitors, contractors and permanent staff, can be tracked in, out and around the business whilst restricting access to only those areas they have legitimate reasons to be in.
The latest access control systems now actively record areas when motion is detected allowing event based video recording that can be archived and viewed from any networked monitor. Along with business security, this could help to pinpoint delivery problems, staff attendance issues and other commercial and operational issues concerning staff movements.

Video door phone systems also provide a way for security staff in remote control rooms to verify visitors’ identity. Many Door Entry Systems & Access Control points include video alongside the intercom allowing security staff to monitor and query all individuals attempting to gain access to commercial premises.
With our extensive experience installing many types of door and access point video entry systems, we can advise you on the very best door entry systems for your premises.
Some of the Door Access Systems we provide include:
• Swipe-to-access cards
• RFID tag systems
• video entry systems including night time operation,
• Audio entry systems
• “Panic” button systems

We offer friendly, independent and expert advice, installation and maintenance for video entry and audio & intercom systems for homes, flats, commercial and business premises security in Guildford, London and throughout the South East of England.


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