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Security Gates and ShuttersWhen securing any residential or commercial property few things are as effective as adding security gates and security shutters to your property Security Gates and Shutters add significant protection to the areas considered as security weak spots on any building. Security gates combined with effective boundary barriers; fences, walls natural obstacles can effectively keep people off your property entirely. Security shutters are a second line of security that prevents access to a house or building if perimeter security is breached or not impossible to implement.

When considering security shutters there are many different options to pick from. Your property does not need to look like a prison! We offer hidden retractable security grilles that are excellent for providing additional protection to unattended businesses. It allows the business to look professional whilst the business is open but provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind after hours.

For those that want additional urban security for their homes, remember this one golden rule “Keep your property more secure than your Neighbours do”! it is unfortunate but true that intruders look for the weaknesses in a property to gain access and if your home looks like it is difficult to enter then they will look elsewhere. Security window shutters and gates are a very effective way to convey this message from the street; it also makes a very public statement about your commitment to security, if you have security shutters and security gates what else might you have? Marked and coded property? Burglar Alarms? CCTV?

If you are looking to add that extra level of security to your property, Charman Security provide the right security solution for your that can be installed quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Every property is different so call us to find out how we can help you. We cover London and the South East of England from our base in Farnham near. Guildford, Surrey

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